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  • Horizontal type Two-End Riveting Machine
  • Horizontal type Two-End Riveting Machine

    LF-162-2H (Ø3-12mm)

    • Increased efficiency: With both ends of the machine riveting simultaneously, the production speed is significantly increased compared to single-end riveting machines.
    • Improved accuracy: Simultaneous riveting ensures that both ends of the material are securely fastened together with equal pressure, resulting in a more precise and consistent riveting process.
    • Enhanced strength: The dual-end simultaneous riveting provides a stronger and more reliable joint, as both ends of the material are riveted at the same time, reducing the risk of loosening or disconnection.
    • Time-saving: As both ends are riveted simultaneously, the overall production time is reduced, allowing for higher productivity and faster turnaround.
    • Versatility: Dual-end simultaneous riveting machines can be used for various materials, including metal, plastic, and composite materials, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
    • Cost-effective: The increased efficiency and productivity offered by dual-end simultaneous riveting machines can result in cost savings for manufacturers, as they can produce more products in less time.
    • Operator-friendly: These machines are designed to be user-friendly, with easy-to-use controls and ergonomic features, ensuring the comfort and safety of operators during the riveting process.


    Max.output (kgf) Stroke of
    spin head
    Riveting capacity
    (Mild steel rivet)
    Distance between
    punch and table
    Distance between
    punch and punch
    AC Motor
    4 poles (1720 rpm)
     3 phase
    1980 0 - 45 Solid  3-12
    Hollow 3-20
    192 0-275 1 Hp x2 Spindle, 3 Hp Pump
    Gauge pressure (kgf/cm2) Timer control (second) Working table LxW xH(mm) Dimension LxWxH (mm) N.W.(kgs) Wooden case LxWxH (mm) G.W. (kgs)
    5 - 70 0.5 - 6 342x182x33 1550x730x1100 650 1650x830x1300 730
    Principle of CLF Riveting Method
    Finished Shape of Rivet Heads and Punches
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