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  • High-Capacity Type of Hydraulic Riveting Machine
  • High-Capacity Type of Hydraulic Riveting Machine

    LF-162-5A (Ø3-12mm)

    • Machine body of steel plate, strong structure, if necessary, the depth of throat can be extended.
    • Equipped with a set of big fan cooling system. Long-time use is possible. The oil temperature will not rise and the pressure keeps the same. The production capacity can be increased about 20%. It's the most popular model in our range.
    • Max. rivetingcapacity up to ø12 mm rivets, if you have right punch used, For example, if you use B-Type of punch, the riveting capacity can be for ø14 mm rivets.


    Max.output (kgf) Stroke of
    spin head
    Riveting capacity
    (Mild steel rivet)
    Distance between
    punch and table
    Depth of
    AC Motor
       4 Poles      3 Phase
    1980 0-45 Solid  3 - 12
    Hollow 2 - 20
    208 100 Spindle  1 HP Pump    2 Hp  
    Gauge pressure (kgf/cm2) Timer control (second) Working table LxW (mm) Dimension LxWxH (mm) N.W.(kgs) Wooden case LxWxH (mm) G.W. (kgs)
    10 - 70 0.5 - 6 342x182 830x490x1680 400 930x600x1850 455
    Principle of CLF Riveting Method
    Finished Shape of Rivet Heads and Punches
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