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  • Upward Pneumatic Riveting Machine
  • Upward Pneumatic Riveting Machine

    LF-228 (Ø2-5mm)

    • Does not require a standard workbench: Due to its unique design, this pneumatic riveting machine operates independently without relying on a standard workbench, enabling autonomous operation in environments with limited space.
    • Flexible adaptation to small spaces: The machine's vertical pushing structure makes it well-suited for riveting operations in small spaces, eliminating concerns about restricted placement.
    • Efficient and precise: Utilizing a pneumatic drive system ensures stable and precise riveting, providing an effective fixation for products during the operation.
    • Versatile applicability: Suitable for various small-scale products, including director's chairs, folding chairs, and more, the machine exhibits a wide range of applications.
    • In summary, this upward pneumatic riveting machine is designed for small spaces that cannot accommodate a standard workbench, offering an efficient and accurate solution for riveting operations within confined areas.


    Max.output (kgf) Stroke of
    spin head
    Riveting capacity
    (Mild steel rivet)
    Distance between
    punch and table
    Depth of
    AC Motor
    4 poles (1720 rpm)
    Average air
    in one cycle
    720 20 - 40 Solid  2 - 5
    Hollow 2 - 9
    80 150 1/2 Hp
    1 or  3 phase
    4.8 NL
    Gauge pressure (kgf/cm2) Timer control (second) Min. Dia. of  Workpiece (mm) Dimension LxWxH (mm) N.W.(kgs) Wooden case LxWxH (mm) G.W. (kgs)
    2 - 7 0.5 - 6 270 720x450x810 170 810x540x960 210
    Principle of CLF Riveting Method
    Finished Shape of Rivet Heads and Punches
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