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  • Universal Hydraulic Riveting Machine
  • Universal Hydraulic Riveting Machine

    LF-168 (Ø3-12mm)

    • Wide applicability: Suitable for riveting operations on various materials such as metal, plastic, and wood.
    • High efficiency: Simple operation allows for quick completion of riveting tasks, increasing productivity.
    • Strong riveting: The hydraulic riveting machine provides sufficient pressure and force, ensuring a secure and reliable riveting process.
    • High level of automation: Some hydraulic riveting machines have automatic feeding and ejection functions, reducing labor costs and enhancing operational safety.
    • Durability: The robust mechanical structure enables stable and long-term operation, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
    • Adjustable: Universal hydraulic riveting machines often have the ability to adjust rivet depth and pressure, catering to different materials and riveting requirements.
    • Safety: Equipped with safety features such as requiring both hands to be pressed simultaneously to activate, ensuring the safety of operators.
    • Improved work quality: The hydraulic riveting machine provides consistent and stable riveting results, enhancing work quality and product appearance.


    Max.output (kgf) Stroke of
    spin head
    Riveting capacity
    (Mild steel rivet)
    Distance between
    punch and table
    Depth of
    AC Motor
       4 Poles      3 Phase
    1980 0 - 45 Solid  3 - 12
    Hollow 2 - 20
    90 - 290 148 Spindle  1 HP Pump    2 Hp  
    Gauge pressure (kgf/cm2) Timer control (second) Working table LxW (mm) Dimension LxWxH (mm) N.W.(kgs) Wooden case LxWxH (mm) G.W. (kgs)
    10 - 70 0.5 - 6 215x135 840x520x1620 365 940x620x1770 420
    Principle of CLF Riveting Method
    Finished Shape of Rivet Heads and Punches
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