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  • LF-128L and LF-158L are specialized pneumatic riveting machines for cookware, and they have the following advantages:

    1. Versatility: LF-128L and LF-158L riveting machines have multiple functions to cater to different types of cookware manufacturing needs. They can be used to fasten handles, lids, bases, and other components, ensuring the structural integrity of the cookware.

    2. High efficiency and time-saving: These riveting machines are easy to operate and use pneumatic pressure to quickly secure rivets, making them faster and more efficient than manual riveting. This can save a significant amount of manufacturing time and increase production efficiency.

    3. High precision and stability: LF-128L and LF-158L riveting machines have a high-precision positioning system to ensure that the rivets are accurately secured in the specified locations. They also have stable operational performance and are less prone to malfunctions or jams.

    4. Durability and reliability: These riveting machines are built with sturdy and durable structures using high-quality materials. They can withstand long hours of work pressure and have a longer service life.

    5. High safety: LF-128L and LF-158L riveting machines are equipped with safety protection devices such as handle guards and trigger switches to ensure safe operation.

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