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    An orbital riveting machine is a type of riveting machine that forms a rivet by rotating it in a circular motion while applying pressure. Here is a general overview of how an orbital riveting machine forms a rivet:

    1. Preparation: The materials to be joined are positioned together, with the rivet hole aligned.

    2. Insertion: The rivet is inserted into the pre-drilled hole in the materials.

    3. Clamping: The materials are clamped securely in place to prevent movement during the riveting process.

    4. Rotation: The orbital riveting machine begins to rotate the rivet head in a circular motion. The rotation can be achieved through mechanical or pneumatic means.

    5. Pressure application: As the rivet rotates, pressure is applied to the rivet head, forcing it to deform and expand against the materials being joined.

    6. Forming: The rotating and pressure forces cause the rivet to form a tight and secure joint by creating a head on one side and a tail on the other side.

    7. Completion: Once the desired rivet shape is achieved, the orbital riveting machine stops rotating, and the pressure is released.

    Orbital riveting machines are known for their ability to form strong and consistent rivets with minimal damage to the surrounding materials. They are commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more, where reliable and efficient joining processes are required.

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